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Kim Kardashian Reveals Khloe Never Wanted A Baby With Lamar Odom

24, 2014 In this file photo, Khloe Kardashian is pictured on Dec. 11, 2013 in Beverly Hills, Calif. Jason Merritt/Getty Images Kim Kardashian has revealed that sister Khloe Kardashian knew for quite some time that she and other her estranged husband Lamar Odom were heading toward a split. In fact, Kardashian, 33, added that Khloe wasn't trying to get pregnant because of this, even when the show was focusing on her visits to fertility clinics a couple years back. "For so long, everyone in our family was feeling really sad for Khloe thinking that she home page wasn't getting pregnant," Kim Kardashian told Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday night. "And the whole time, she wasn't trying to and she was not showing up to these doctors appointments behind our back on purpose." Read: Khloe Kardashian Files for Divorce from Lamar Odom Kardashian added that while Khloe made it seem she was trying to start a family with Odom, it couldn't be further from the truth. "She knew it wasn't right and she knew she wasn't ready, so now we understand it and we understand her decisions, it's very clear," Kardashian revealed. Khloe Kardashian, 29, filed for divorce from Odom in December after kim kardashian new months of alleged drug use and infidelity on the part of her husband.

27 Jan 2014
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'sherlock's' Benedict Cumberbatch On His Passionate Fans, Getting Star-struck, And That Moriarty Kiss

And Cumberbatch is grateful for their devotion, telling critics: "It's kind of extraordinary, and a little bit unnerving It means a hell of a lot to me." His favorite part of the fame, he said, is seeing sales for the original Arthur Conan Doyle "Sherlock" books skyrocket after the show airs. He also recalled his first awkward encounter with a fan: a Sainsbury's supermarket clerk who stammered Farrah Abraham sex tape and gawked while Cumberbatch tried to order chicken. [Related: The Best Benedict Cumberbatch Fan Tributes ] But he's found himself tongue-tied at times himself, too like when Harrison Ford told him on "The Graham Norton Show" how much he admired his work: "That was a genuine shock I was floored by that. He's a huge hero." He also admitted to being star-struck when meeting the casts of "Breaking Bad" and "Homeland." (Though, he was quick to add, "Not Damian Lewis. He's old hat.") More "Sherlock" scoop from today's panel: * The most shocking moment from the Season 3 premiere may have been the almost-kiss between Sherlock and his arch-nemesis Moriarty (an alternate theory on how Sherlock might have survived his Season 2 "death"). "Sherlock" co-creator Steven Moffat (also the man behind "Doctor Who") joked, "We got the idea from the palpable chemistry between Benedict and [co-star] Andrew [Scott]." He said co-creator Mark Gatiss (who also plays Sherlock's brother Mycroft) wrote that scene, telling Moffat afterwards, "I've done something slightly cheeky." Cumberbatch seemed embarrassed by the inquiry, insisting, "I just want to point out, we didn't actually connect." He added that the most intimate he and Scott got in any take was the lip equivalent of "a fist-bump." [Related: We Recap the 'Sherlock' Season 3 Premiere (With GIFs) ] * Another unexpected delight from last night's premiere: our first sight of Sherlock's parents, a shockingly normal couple that an embarrassed Sherlock quickly shooed out of his flat. And the actors playing his internet parents happen to be Cumberbatch's real-life parents as well. "They're trained actors with a CV, and they were available," he deadpanned, before calling it "a glorious thing it's a joy." According to Cumberbatch, though, the depiction we saw isn't far off from reality: "They were absolutely appalled at how accurate the relationship is between Sherlock and his parents and me and mine. I love them to bits, but I can be a bit short." The Sign of Three Sherlock faces his biggest challenge of all - delivering a Best Man's speech on John's wedding * However complicated his feelings for his parents might be, Cumberbatch had nothing but praise for his co-star Martin Freeman (Watson), who he said made him a better actor.

22 Jan 2014
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Stan Lee Named As One Of Forbes' Most Influential Celebrities For 2014

Stan Lee

visit Matt Carr/Getty Images For Stan Lee, 2014 is turning into a good year. Not only is the 91-year-old writer and former editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics making his debut on ABC's Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. next month, but his cameo appearances in the Marvel movies have earned him a place on Forbes' list of the most influential celebrities of the year. our editor recommends Stan Lee, Avi Arad Team for Secret Movie Project (Exclusive) Oh, okay -- the fact that he co-created the Avengers, Spider-Man, the X-Men and the majority of Marvel's intellectual property stable in one way or another apparently counts as well. "The comic creator is responsible for the characters in some of the biggest movies in recent years," the financial magazine explained as it placed Lee ninth in its top 10 list of influential celebrities of 2014 . STORY: Stan Lee Enters 'S.H.I.E.L.D.' and Brings Disaster With Him (Video) Considering that Lee hasn't created a new kim kardashian exposed character for Marvel since 1980 -- that last character being She-Hulk, co-created with artist John Buscema -- and that his subsequent work has been met with less success, Forbes' placement may seem somewhat curious, especially since he comes ahead of Rush Limbaugh, a celebrity who would appear to wield significantly more contemporary influence over the world at large. But, as Lee's former creative partner Jack Kirby once famously said, "Don't ask -- just buy it."

20 Jan 2014
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Copycats! Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Hit Up Beyonce And Jay Z's Favorite Restaurant In Paris

Their friends love the place too: Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z dine there frequently too, as they did in April 2011 (pictured)

A gold clutch added some much needed sparkle. This is a major departure from the back dress she wore in Paris in November, which exposed her chest and a generous amount of cleavage. Is that...?: Other diners took notice of the power couple as they walked out Two looks, one outing: Kim was dressed up in a black outfit while Kanye kept it much more casual in jeans and a hoodie The beauty - whose half-sister Kendall Jenner was spotted getting cozy with Harry Styles at an Eagles concert on Friday - didn't not disappoint with her grooming. Her blonde locks were nice parted in the middle and semi-styled in a shaggy, but sexy va-voom wave. The Keeping Up With The Kardashian favorite had on lovely makeup too. She chose heavily lined eyes for an alluring smoky effect.

19 Jan 2014
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?sleepy Hollow? Finale: Tim Mison On That George Washington Bible

The latest -

Before this season, for example, did you really think that there was going to be a show on the air that really featured a mysterious Bible owned by George Washington, which contained some sort of cryptic message written after his death? This mystery of Washingtons Bible was raised on Monday nights episode, and we almost immediately raised a question as a response: What in the world is going on with it? Is there any way that Washington could have written a message in invisible ink after his death? Tom Mison at least touched on what could be going on here in a hat with TVLine , at least in terms of whether or not the first President really could have composed the entry: This isSleepy Hollow, and its in hidden ink, in Washingtons Bible that was buried with Ichabod. My spoiler is: Yes, something weird is going on. What do we get from this more than anything else? That just about anything is possible when it comes the various adventures in this tiny town (as if you didnt visit the site know that already). We have no doubt that Ichabod got a post-mortem message for the President, just as we would not doubt that Ichabods child Jeremy was still alive out there somewhere or that Katrina could find her way into the present-day world. What do you want to see over the course of the final two Sleepy Hollow episodes airing Monday night? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and head over here if you want to read our full review of this past episode.
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17 Jan 2014
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